HDMI 2.1 Flow Silicone Armored Active Optical Cable


G202 Series - 6 Core

Introducing Flex HDMI Cables by Beetek, the ultimate solution for Pro AV applications.

H20 FLEX PRO Series

Our Key Markets

Shows & Events

All the components you need to echo an immersive, uninterrupted stage experience.

NOT Just a Cable


Beetek selects materials that will deliver the performance expected of each product, and we often tend to over-spec materials, so that they can stand up in even the most demanding environments.


We design our products not with cost in mind, but rather the functions they will perform. Our team often break apart cables to show customers what distinguishes ours from "the others".


Each step of the production process is important to us, and we take the time and effort to ensure the product construction meets our expections. If not, we improve it until it does. No shortcuts.


No Beetek product gets into our customer's hands without us testing it to exhaustion first. A big advantage of having a repair team in most offices, is that we have plenty of ways to stress-test products before they go to market.

Pioneering Iconic

Audio video experiences

High Performance HDMI Cable

Set the stage for unparalleled audio depth and video fluidity with our 4K compatible HDMI cables. Connect across high-end equipment and devices.

Quality Output at Optimal Cost

Experience 4K connectivity to enhance human engagement wherever you are. Create cutting-edge experiences across any audio video output.

Sturdy, Flame-Resistant Cables

World's only reinforced safety caliber products to ensure spark-free cable functioning across environments, stages or usage.

Plug and Play Compatibility

Simply plug and play to enjoy uninterrupted, high-resolution transmission without any external power supply.

Our Advantages

With its technical expertise and rich practical experience in the field of optical and electrical signals, the company provides high-quality and efficient wide circuit solutions for digital professional audio and video users. Our mission is to deeply observe and study the various pain points of users in the industry, and use our own advantages to break them down to ensure that the industry's high standards and diverse applications are met.

It is an innovative enterprise dedicated to the design and development, product service, technology promotion and overall solutions of the audio and video industry. We will continue to focus on providing you with better products and services.

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