Shielded S/FTP CAT6A Cable

  • Transmission rate support upto 10 Gbps
  • Cross shaped spline structure for low cross talk, low attenuation, and enhanced transmission performance.
  • Single-strand 8-core 23 AWG oxygen-free copper
  • PVC eco-friendly material jacket which is wear-resistant, tensile, waterproof, and stain-resistant
  • Cable de-twisting technique to make itself more firmer and the transmission more stable
  • Able meter mark, it can be freely cut according to the required length, increasing the convenience of your deployments
Introducing the W305-S/FTP-23C6A, a high-performance Individual conductor pair shielded CAT6A cable meticulously designed for fixed installations, delivering exceptional reliability and efficiency.Crafted from single-strand 8-core 23AWG oxygen-free copper wire, the cable body is encased in an eco-friendly PVC outer jacket for durability. The high-density PE insulation sheath enhances strength, ensuring a resilient and enduring solution. The incorporation of a cross-shaped spline structure minimizes crosstalk, reduces attenuation, and optimizes transmission performance.Employing an advanced cable de-twisting technique, the cable body achieves increased firmness, contributing to stable and consistent transmissions.

The presence of meter marks facilitates effortless customization, allowing for precise cutting tailored to your specific deployment needs. Moreover, it boasts compatibility with specific environments, supporting up to 10Gbps transmission rates.

Key Features

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