Single-core HDMI Multi-mode mini fiber extender

  • Supports resolutions up to 4k@60 at 18 Gbps
  • Built in EDID Simulation and EDID Learning
  • Single-fiber Technology over Multi-mode with distance upto 500M
  • Dust-proof fiber interface latch
Beetek HDMI Fiber Extender is designed particularly for the rental & staging industry considering various parameters. The device can support resolution up to 4K@60 4:4:4 at 18 Gbps transmission rate. It uses single-core multi-mode OM3 fiber technology and support distance up to 500 metres. The device supports 40 dB input balancing at the TX to compensate for the loss generated by cable from the source to the tx. Built in EDID simulation and EDID learning support. The HDMI Extender support accurate pixel time reconstruction and provides no delay and no compression during the transmission.
The device is carefully designed with protective enclosure for fibre interface and it is dust proof. It has rear long screws to support portable installation, locking power supplies and improved electrostatic protection. The product is suitable for Rental and Live Events application.

Key Features

Supports resolutions up to 4k@60 at 18 Gbps.

Built in EDID Simulation and EDID Learning

Single-fibre Technology and uses multi-mode with distance up to 500M